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The king of fish and fruit! Long may
his stem grow!

Troupple Acolytes are recurring characters in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove who spread the goodness of the Troupple King. They tell his story to those who don't know him and sell Troupple Chalices. The Chalices are the only way to summon the Troupple King in the Troupple Pond. The exact number Troupple Acolytes is unknown, but there are as many as there are fish in the sea.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Troupple Acolytes each wear a large hat resembling a Troupple with a leafed stem and an eye. They also each wear a robe with red and green stripes. Their eyes are green.

Story[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

In Shovel of Hope, a male Troupple Acolyte is encountered in the reserve of the Juice Bar in the Village. He spreads the Troupple King's word and can sell two Troupple Chalices to Shovel Knight.

He reappears in the ending, celebrating the fall of the Enchantress with the Troupple King and the Dancer at the Troupple Pond.

Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]

In Plague of Shadows, a female Acolyte appears at the Armor Outpost and can be talked to once Plague Knight has conquered the place. Like her colleague, she spreads the Troupple King's word but only sells a single Troupple Chalice.

In the ending, both Acolytes are dancing the night away with the Troupple King and Oolong at the Troupple Pond.

Specter of Torment[edit | edit source]

In the ending of Specter of Torment, the Dark Acolyte, a former servant of the Enchantress, is shown being reformed into a Troupple Acolyte. Led by Missy to the Troupple Pond, he begs the King for redemption. The Troupple King grants him his wish and changes his attire to that of the Troupple Acolytes.

King of Cards[edit | edit source]

In King of Cards, the Troupple Missionary, a female Acolyte, sells King Knight the Bubble Frog for 7 Merit Medals, as part of a fundraiser. She can be found at the beginning of Bubbling Bayou by the Troupple Pond. As with the other Heirloom sellers (except Juice Maid) she will be recruited onto the Glidewing when her Heirloom Course is finished, after which she will reward you with 200 Gold and can be challenged at Joustus.

After beating the Troupple King, a male Acolyte will show up and join him in accompanying King Knight. He will from then on act as the Troupple King's personal representative, the King himself being too big and unfit to move anywhere on dry land.

In the ending, five Acolytes (three males and two females) can be seen gathered at the Pond.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Shovel of Hope[edit | edit source]

When talked to:

"Troupple Acolyte: Hello, fishfriend! All hail the Troupple King!"


"Troupple Acolyte: You've never heard of the Troupple King?! Half trout and half apple! Pronounced like 'mouthful'! He's one of the forest gods, here to help those in need.
I'm telling the truth!
If you ever visit the sacred grotto, hold your Chalice aloft, and the Troupple King will appear! As it happens, I have been entrusted to sell Troupple Chalices to believers! Would you like one?


"Troupple Acolyte:
The king of fish and fruit! Long may
his stem grow!

Plague of Shadows[edit | edit source]

When talked to:

"Troupple Acolyte: Hello, birdperson! All hail the Troupple King!"


"Troupple Acolyte: You've never heard of the Troupple King?! Half trout and half apple! Oh, and he gets quite upset if you say it like "Troople"! He doesn't need troops! It's more like..
. If you ever visit his grotto, hold your Chalice aloft! The Troupple King will appear and bless you with a sacred dance!
"Plague Knight: (D-dance... That's what Mona was doing earlier... Heh, maybe he could .. show me how?"
"Troupple Acolyte: As it happens, I have been entrusted to sell Troupple Chalices to believers! Would you like one?"


"Troupple Acolyte: All hail the Troupple King!
The king of fish and fruit! Long may
his stem grow!

King of Cards[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of Bubbling Bayou:

"Troupple Acolyte: Ahoy there, goldfish! All hail the Troupple King!"
"King Knight: That's a strange getup you exhibit, local. What a sheltered life you must lead,
ha ha!
"Troupple Acolyte: Oh.. But not for long. I've been selected as a missionary for the Troupple King! I'll see the world! I'm selling Heirlooms as a fundraiser! They're not too expensive, really!"


"Troupple Acolyte: I understand. Raising funds can be a challenge. I won't lose sight of my goal! Good luck out there."

After buying the Heirloom:

"Troupple Acolyte: The Troupple King said I was trapped in my personal bubble. But now I no longer have

At the end of the stage:

"Troupple Acolyte: Extraordinary! You've made it! And here I am, lost, only scant moments into my mission. Yet, when I needed help in the field, you strode gallantly up to help! It can't be mere chance, goldfish! Doubtless, this is yet another sign from the Troupple King! Please, take me along, so that I may spread his leafy truths!"

When first spoken to at the Glidewing:

"Troupple Acolyte: It occurred to me that I never paid for my ticket, goldfish. After all that fundraising, I'm freeloading. Sheesh! Please, take this!"

When spoken to again:

"Troupple Acolyte: I'm just now learning of Joustus! Would you like to play?"


"Troupple Acolyte: I wonder what new cards lie out there in the wilds, just waiting to be uncovered!"

After the battle against the Troupple King:

"Troupple Acolyte:
Halt! I beseech thee! Please, no more!
"Troupple King: Acolyte, what troubleth thee, my child?"
"Troupple Acolyte:
Have mercy!
King Knight is here with the blessings of King Pridemoor. He seeks the Joustus Crown!
"Troupple King: King Pridemoor...
Have our allies all lost their wits since the Joustus Crown began?
"Troupple Acolyte: But... You did volunteer, my liege! And... The contest
brought us all togheter, hasn't it?
"Troupple King: Oh,
ho ho,
thou art wise, young acolyte. Perhaps I misjudged you, King Knight. I shall see thee off at the pond's edge, child. Go with King Knight, and accompany him in my stead.

After using the Rat Rope to take the Troupple Acolyte to the Glidewing:

"Bard: A Troupple Acolyte has come aboard.. But there's no sign of the Troupple King?"
"Troupple Acolyte: I'm here in lieu of his majesty. He bows his stem to King Knight, heir apparent to the Joustus Crown!"
"Cooper: Gulpin' gizzards, he's done it! He's beaten the Troupple King!
"Bard: Details, man, out with it! Mustn't keep your audience waiting! How did you outsmart the Troupple King?"
"Troupple Acolyte: ...Well, actually, you know, I'm not sure if--"
"King Knight: Simple strategy, my subjects! When I exerted my
intellect, the anwser became clear!
"Cooper: ..Right, very good. Just one Judge left, now. But King Birder is different - We've only recently heard of him!"
"Troupple Acolyte: If I may? His Finned Fruitness tells tale of the Birder Bluffs, where many Birders tend to flock. But we've yet to meet this new king ourselves. Something's fishy- the Troupple King's roots see a
dire warning.
I shall reflect belowdecks, King Knight, I might have a whale of a surprise for you.
"Bard: There isn't much time to loose, then. Let's gather ourselves. Onward, to the Birder Bluffs!"

Troupple Acolyte at the Glidewing:

"Troupple Acolyte: Stems alive! I was worried so about the Troupple King flying, but.. What a view! What a vast world!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Their sprite models are respectively named "Troupple Guy" and "Troupple Guy Alt".
  • The Troupple Acolytes are the only other character to sell Relics other than Chester.
  • Due to Missy appearing at the Troupple Pond, it was assumed that she was transformed into a female Troupple Acolyte offscreen. However, it was revealed in a Yacht Club Games livestream that this wasn't the case; Missy accompanied the Dark Acolyte to the Pond because he was too scared to go by himself.

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