aka Paul le magnifique

The Order
  • I live in France
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is logic, soooooo much systemic logic.
  • I am a monster without a name

Test ZoneEdit

Feat infoboxEdit

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New character infoboxEdit

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        {{#if: {{{image2|}}}|
        {{#tag: gallery|
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New stage infoboxEdit

|name            = Pridemoor Keep
|image           = Screen 08.png
|imagewidth      = 
|Type            = Main, Order of No Quarter
|Valley          = First Quadrant
|Boss            = [[King Knight]]
|Alt Boss        = [[Deposed King|King Pridemoor]] (KoC)
|Theme           = [[In the Halls of the Usurper]]
|Alt Theme       = [[In the Halls of the King]] (SoT, KoC)
|Reward          = [[File:Treasures icon.png|30px|link=Treasures]]<br/>2500 
|Cipher Coins    = [[File:Cipher icon.png|30px|link=Cipher Coins]]<br/>30
|Red Skulls      = [[File:Skulls icon.png|30px|link=Red Skulls]]<br/>10
|Crown Coins     = [[File:Crown icon.png|30px]]<br/>3+3+3
|Relic           = [[File:SubWeaponFlareoWand.png|30px|link=Flare Wand]]
|Arcana          = [[File:RelicIcons08.png|30px|link=Big Boom]]
|Curio           = [[File:RelicIcons21.png|30px|link=Shadow Mirror]]
|Heirloom        =

Test frameEdit

Frame title infoboxDark Acolyte

Frame title infoboxShovel Knight

Frame title infoboxFancy Propeller Knight

Test Bandcamp playerEdit

Main Theme


Player Track Usage
1. Main Theme Main theme of all four campaigns
2. Steel Thy Shovel! Campaign character selection
3. One Fateful Knight Shovel of Hope intro
4. Strike the Earth! Plains of Passage – First stage theme
5. The Rival Black Knight – First battle theme
6. For Shovelry! Shovel Knight boss victory theme
7. The Starlit Wilds Campfire scene
8. The Adventure Awaits World map theme
9. In the Halls of the Usurper Pridemoor Keep – First stage theme
10. The Decadent Dandy King Knight and King Pridemoor battle theme
11. High Above the Land Flying Machine - First stage theme
12. The Spin Controller Propeller Knight battle theme
13. An Underlying Problem Lost City – First stage theme
14. The Claws of Fate Mole Knight battle theme
15. No Weapons Here Village hub theme
16. Pastorale Village interiors hub theme
17. The Local Happenstance Village basement hub theme
18. Watch Me Dance! Dancer's dance
19. Spin Ye Bottle Mina's minigame
20. A Thousand Leagues Below Iron Whale – First stage theme
21. The Bounty Hunter Treasure Knight battle theme
22. Of Devious Machinations Clockwork Tower – First stage theme
23. The Schemer Tinker Knight battle theme
24. The Destroyer Tinker Tank battle theme
25. The Donor's Despair Hall of Champions stage theme
26. Backed Into a Corner The Big Creep battle theme
27. The Requiem of Shield Knight Campfire Dream theme
28. Waltz of the Troupple King Troupple King's dance – Shovel of Hope
29. The Defender Black Knight – Second battle theme
30. Courage Under Fire Armor Outpost hub theme
31. Bucklers and Bonnets Armor Outpost interior hub theme
32. Fighting with All of Our Might Wandering Travellers battle theme
33. Flowers of Antimony Explodatorium – First stage theme
34. The Vital Vitriol Plague Knight and Mona battle theme
35. La Danse Macabre The Lich Yard – First stage theme
36. The Apparition Specter Knight and Phantom Striker battle theme
37. A Cool Reception Stranded Ship – First stage theme
38. The Stalwart Polar Knight battle theme
39. A Decisive Blow Streetpass Arena
40. Fighting Spirit StreetPass Arena – Battle Ghosts
41. End of Days Endgame world map theme
42. The Fateful Return Tower of Fate: Entrance stage theme
43. The Inner Struggle Tower of Fate: Ascent stage theme
44. The Forlorn Sanctum Tower of Fate: ???? stage theme
45. The Possessor The Enchantress battle theme
46. The Betrayer Remnant of Fate battle theme
47. A Return to Order Shovel of Hope ending theme
48. Reprise Credits
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