Rarest of the pepes

aka Lifeformlover999

  • I live in Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania
  • I was born on March 25
  • My occupation is Being A School Student
  • I am A Boy

Hello, my name is the rarest of the pepes, I started playing shovel knight at Christmas time, Some think the game is hard, but I consider it balanced in difficulty. I think the game is really enjoying and that's why I joined this wiki.

Some facts about me

  • I prefer the plague knight campaign over the shovel knight one
  • with a cheat code i was able to speedrun shovel knight in only 40 minutes
  • I was excited on 9/11 but not because of terrorists
  • I think the hardest shovel knight level is the iron whale in the Shovel knight campaign, I died 37 times because I accidentally destroyed a checkpoint.
  • Nintendo for life, I only own a wiiu, ds, 3ds, and a wii
  • I have a windows 10 sadly
  • I was able to wipe out a windows 8 harddrive in July
  • I have a steam, multiplayer games I own
  • Terraria
  • Gmod
  • Username is mrmlgprogamer, but my icon name is Ryan Seacrest
  • I have a Youtube account, named ryan seacrestt, the 2 ts is not a typo, I put 2 ts in for more easier searching
  • Favorite game is Terraria record 175 hours ingame
  • Altough terraria is my favroite game, i have been in pokemon x and y for 300 hours, I used to leave my 3ds on all day long, it wasn't that fun
  • I have a swag light up keyboard, if anyone wants to see a picture of it let me know
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