I'm planning to make a few tweaks to some articles and wanted to see if anyone had any opinions before making them.

The biggest change I'm planning to make is to remove story sections from Shovel Knight, Plague Knight, Black Knight, Shield Knight and The Enchantress articles and create two new articles: Shovel Knight (campaign) and Plague of Shadows (campaign). These will have a complete recollection of the stories of these modes so that they won't have to be recapped in those articles. I am however planning to refer to the story in new personality and relationship sections, for example 'Shield Knight is very important to Shovel Knight as he suffers repeating nightmares about her'.

Some other small changes I am planning to make are moving Shovel Knight's appearances in other media into it's own 'cameos' article and removing the trivia on each OoNQ member's page that says what they do when waiting in the battle royale.

The Last change I'm considering making is removing the individual articles for the 'wandering npcs' and compiling them into three bigger articles: Minor NPCs Village, Minor NPCs Armor Outpost and Minor NPCs Potionarium (names not final) as I feel that they don't have enough substance to as single characters. (I am currently under the impression that the wandering Plague Minions in the Armor Outpost should Plague Knight conquer it recycle lines from the Wandering Plague Minions in the Potionarium)

Okay that's all for now, let me know if you have any thoughts on these changes!

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