So we all know about SoH, PoS and SoT, and we recently heard about KoC (king of cards), but there are still a lot of knights to cover. My question is, what do you guys think should happen next?

So far, I’ve collected the following:

  • shield knight. Most likely a pre-prequel, so to speak, fleshing out the relationship between her and shovel knight, and between Donovan and Luan.
  • Polar or Black Knight. Polar would be interesting to control, and a bit of backstory about the implied relationship between the two knights would be nice.
  • mole knight. Done right, a digging mechanic could be cool. A story about the Lost City, and either the backstory of its demise, or the story of Mole knight reaching and restoring it, would be nice as well.
  • Treasure Knight. His mission could be to rob all the Order knights and collect their treasures. He would be fun to control, maybe having water physics at all times. Credit to Lampy876 and Dudeatcool for this one.

I’ll regularly update this page to collect my favourite ideas for each knight. Keep in mind, though, that at the moment I just want to talk about knights, but I’ll allow Baz because his main mission is to become one.

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