I just wanted to make a new blog for my Polar Knight ideas, because I have a lot.

The Diggers’ Pledge is my idea for a PK-based expansion. It takes place over a long period of time, from a few days before Donovan and Luan went to The Tower, to after The Enchantress is defeated. It tells the story of Polar’s friendship with the other two shovelers, and how all of them knew Shield Knight.

This story tells of the three digger knights, needing to renew their vows to the Code of Shovelry, but unable to find the Binding Spade and Digger’s Pledge to swear their oath on. The game basically follows Polar Knight’s search for the fragments of the Binding Spade, which he believes will lead him also to the Pledge itself.

The game opens with the digger knights and Sheild Knight camping together in the forest. A villager appears, requesting that the 4 return to the village. A short demo is played, to learn the controls. Upon reaching the village, the team are informed that a duo of rouges have been spotted going up to the Tower Of Fate. Shield Knight rushes off to deal with them, leaving the Digger Knights to wander the village. Leaving the village will trigger the next cutscene.

After a few days, no word has come back, so naturally the trio start to worry. They send search parties, but nobody can even get into the tower. After a few months, the trio eventually give up, crestfallen. A few weeks later, though, the trio reunite to re-Pledge their oaths to the Code Of Shovelry. They find the relics missing, and so Polar Knight sets out to find them.

Polar Knight’s main base of operation is in the cargo hold of his ship. There, he can buy new helms (his equivalent of armour) and ploughs, and can buy various Trinkets (his relics/arcana/curios) using the Odd Bits found throughout the levels. There are different Odd Bits for every stage; Royal Jewels for King Knight, Unstable Potions for Plague Knight, Stone Skulls for Specter Knight, Seashells for Treasure Knight, Ancient Artefacts for Mole Knight, Rusty Cogs for Tinker Knight, Rotor Blades for Propeller Knight, Curious Stones for the Plains (guarded by Baz), Arcane Pages for The Tower of Fate, and Helmet Horns for the Stranded Ship (taken over by Mr. Hat).

Polar Knight uses his Lifeboat to reach Troupple Pond, and then uses the map as normal. He can enter the village, but no shookeepers will open up their doors to him, because he looks so intimidating. His own ship has been taken over by Mr. Hat, who heard about Polar Knight’s helms. He fights twice in his own arena, once against Specter Knight, who recruits him into the order, and once against Shovel Knight. After the fight with Shovel Knight, he sees the light of his ways and decides to aid Shovel Knight in progressing through the Tower of Fate.

In gameplay, he obviously has a larger hit box, but can block with his plough to make up for it. He can hurl blocks and enemies by holding and releasing attack, but can also just swipe at them. He can also dig the ground in certain spots, revealing secret areas and giving him a projectile to throw. He moves a bit slower, but can hook onto ledges with his plough if he jumps close enough. He cannot be harmed by spikes.

In the Tower of Fate, Polar Knight takes a path directly under Shovel Knight’s, and basically tries to aid Shovel Knight along while progressing himself. Upon reaching his final room, he obtains the Pledge, and rushes up to cheer on Shovel Knight in the final fight. He gets there just in time to see the finishing blow, and the scene that follows. Once Black Knight leaves, he rushes in to see if Sheild Knight is ok, and finds that she’s only barely breathing. Before he can do anything, though, Baz comes in through the window. He rants about how he should be in the order, and how he should take Polar Knight’s pl pace because he was switching sides. He then spots the Amulet which transformed Shield Knight, and snatches it, thinking it will make him more powerful. He gets transformed into a giant beast, which is the campaign’s pentultimate boss. Once Baz is defeated, the locket itself transforms into a creature of immense power, the true final boss. Once defeated, the locket is destroyed, and life returns to Baz and Shield Knight.

With Shield Knight saved, Polar Knight returned to the village and the digger knights swore their oath once again. The 4 of them went off adventuring again, just like old times. Baz took Polar Knight’s place in the order under the new name Thunder Knight, and with permission transformed the Stranded Ship into the S.S. Stormcloud, and The Order became a peacekeeping team for the valley. The end.

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