Happy new year

I've noticed that Plague Knight's page has the PoS storyline instead of PoS' page. Recall El Grewzo's blog about putting campaign stories on the *campaign* pages. I believe that was already done but why is Plague Knight's page like that? I'd really want some more clarification ASAP before I start massively editing many articles in one day.

Things I'd be willing to do over the next few days:

- Edit some of the SK main campaign feat pages to include the criteria or requirements to get the achievement IF it's not obvious. For example, "First Purchase" doesn't need a tip, but something like "Juggler" needs some pointing. 

- Add the PoS feats that still don't exist and do the same thing above. 

- Add a bunch of new photos for cipher coins which I hope are okay. 

- Add in the descriptions for all challenges in Challenge Mode for both characters. 

- PoS Music sheet pages woo how did I forget

I'll edit soon, tossing them up for records

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