Call me a noob.

Call me a spineless coward.

But if there's ever one thing I've been trying to do since October 2015, it's trying to beat the Order of No Quarter on NG+.

I know many people have completed NG+, but what do I need to do to defeat the Order? Do I have to restore Specter Knight to full life? Because, honestly, I've been trying to do this for a long time that I have memorized everyon'e pattern down to the rooms in Ascent! Look at all the things I can do!

- I can now decloak Specter Knight without getting much damage

- I can now defrost Polar Knight faster than before

- I can now murder King Knight's face before his boss music even loops

- I can now ground Propeller Knight before his boss music loops

- I can now dehydrate Treasure Knight before his suction chest attack even gets onscreen

- I can now dig up Mole Knight quicker than I can ever can even with Plague Knight's bombs

- I can now pogo on Tinker Knight's head constantly without falling

- I can now somewhat predict Plague Knight's next move because honestly that guy is RANDOM and can't be read at all

The thing is, Plague Knight is always one of the last guys, and you can probably see why I'm so frustrated. After him is probably King Knight, who's a complete pushover. I've accomplished what I thought was impossible and dodge Specter Knight and Polar Knight without abusing his lovely Phase Locket!  

Whyyy is the universe screwing me over and over again with this particular section of the game... the Enchantress (both forms) are easier to kill than one PLAGUE KNIGHT.

Help me

I beseech thee

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