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The Order
  • I live in France
  • I was born on November 24
  • My occupation is logic, soooooo much systemic logic.
  • I am a monster without a name
  • Pauolo

    Hello, I figured we could have a blog post to discuss what can or needs to be changed in the wiki. That way it'll be easier to participate rather than through message walls. We can use the comments to discuss each proposition, which I'll use to update the main post.

    I'll start with a few suggestions right off the bat and tty to detail or provide examples

    The most ancient and avoided issue on wikis, Categories. How do we organize them, what do we want to highlight through them? I'll also state that if we don't give a clear decision on how to handle categories, Editors (random or locals) will keep adding them without coherence.

    Currently, the category tree ressembles this:

    • Browse‎ (4 C, 1 P)
      • Content‎ (9 C, 1 P)
        • Characters‎ (14 C, 101 P)
          • Antagonists…

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