An explosive platform that you can even create when airborne!

The Vat is an Arcana utilized by Plague Knight. It can be obtained by trading the Throwing Anchor to Chester in the Iron Whale or buying it for 6800 gold.

Upon use, Plague Knight will conjure a large vat of liquid beneath him, jumping slightly to climb on top of it to use as a platform. If there is not enough room above Plague Knight to stand atop the vat, he will fall while the vat remains in place. The vat remains stationary for a short time before falling. When a falling vat reaches the bottom of the screen, it explodes. Activating this Arcana uses 2.5 units of Plague Knight's Power meter.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the 3.3 update Liquid Samurai's could be pushed off from the ceiling with the Vat.
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