Shall I rest? Wouldst thou speed me across the veil?
Vicar of Vigor is a supporting character in Shovel Knight: King of Cards. He is an apparition of a man who once was widely praised, but is unable to find eternal rest without passing on his Heirlooms, to which King Knight can buy them off of him. He can be found aboard the Glidewing.



The Vicar of Vigor is a tall, blue ghost of a man. He wears a cloak and a dark blue hat.


King of CardsEdit

When King Knight first attempts to use the Rat Rope outside of the House of Joustus, Cooper and the Bard approach him offering him a partnership to claim the Joustus crown. King Knight accepts, and the three use the Rat Rope that leads them aboard the Glidewing, Cooper's airship. After Cooper welcomes King Knight, he can walk to the engine room on the right side of the Glidewing, where he'll find the Vicar of Vigor.

When King Knight approaches him, he introduces himself, claiming he was once known as the Vicar of Vigor in life, and has many statues dedicated to him scattered across the Valley. However, he is unable to find eternal rest without passing on his treasured Heirlooms to a worthy recipient, and offers King Knight the chance to buy his Heirlooms.

If King Knight buys both the Healing Hammer and Propeller Blitzsteed from him, the Vicar of Vigor exclaims he's finally free and gives his thanks to King Knight for finally buying his Heirlooms. He offers to sing tales of how he came beyond the veil and how his statues across the Valley came to be, but King Knight sternly refuses. The Vicar of Vigor, now feeling disappointed after not being able to explain his tales he longed to tell, gives his final goodbyes and finally recedes to his eternal rest.


The Vicar of Vigor is a merchant who sells Heirlooms to King Knight. He sells the Healing Hammer and the Propeller Blitzsteed.

Image Item Description Cost
N/A Healing Hammer Pound health hearts out of your enemies. MeritMedal 9
N/A Propeller Blitzsteed Send forth a flying lance. MeritMedal 6


When King Knight first speaks to him aboard the Glidewing:

"Vicar of Vigor: Hail! I sense unease regarding my presence. Dost thou wondereth why an apparition stands before you?"
"King Knight: Well, not really, no."
"Vicar of Vigor: In life, I was called the Vicar of Vigor. You may have seen my many statues scattered across the land. Alas, as prophesied, I cannot find eternal rest, as I have no one upon whom to bequeath my treasured Heirlooms. Perhaps you'd agree to take them off my transparent hands?"

If King Knight speaks to him again:

"Vicar of Vigor: Greetings and blessings, shine upon thee. 'Til my Heirlooms are purchased, I'll never be free. Perhaps you'd agree to take them off my transparent hands?"

If King Knight denies his request:

"Vicar of Vigor:
Shall I rest? Wouldst thou speed me across the veil?

When King Knight purchases all his Heirlooms:

"Vicar of Vigor: You've carried out my desperate plea! My Heirlooms sold– I'm finally
If you are destined to be king, afford me now some time to sing! O, how I've longed to tell my tale of how I came from beyond the veil...
"King Knight: ..What are these vagaries? Do you think I have all day?"
"Vicar of Vigor: But.. hidden behind my tales are rich lessons! For instance, the tale of how my many statues came to be..."
"King Knight:
I don't have time for this! I'm building an empire, not an opera house!
"Vicar of Vigor: Oh. I... I suppose my business in this realm is finished, then.

If King Knight speaks to him during Propeller Knight's attack on the Glidewing:

"Vicar of Vigor: Well. This is... A rather new experience, I'd say"

Trivia Edit

  • The Vicar of Vigor only disappears if King Knight purchases all of his Heirlooms. Until then, he will still be in the engine room even during Propeller Knight's assault and after the recruitment of Duelist Di, who would otherwise take his spot. As a result, Duelist Di is forced slightly further right until the Vicar leaves.
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