Wandering Travellers is the name associated with four characters who appear in Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove.

All of them are optional encounters who do not have to be defeated to complete the main story, with the exception of Specter of Torment, in which Specter Knight considerably interacts with three of them.

Members Edit

  • Reize - A hero in training roaming the lands.
  • Baz - A warrior that tried to enter the Order of No Quarter but got rejected and now is angry at them. Later ends up joining Plague Knight's minions.
  • Mr. Hat - A hat seller that travels through the land in search of different hats to add for his never-ending collection.
  • Phantom Striker - A honorable warrior that protects the Lich Yard from the undead. After being defeated by Specter Knight, he started wandering in search of respectable warriors.

History Edit

Initially, all members of the Wandering Travellers are completly unaffiliated with one another but in both the credits of Shovel of Hope and Plague of Shadows they are seen working together to fight a swarm of Liquid Samurai. Furthermore, in the Xbox One and PC versions, Reize and Baz are seen together in the Mysterious Area.


  • According to a Lady Knight, the reason they battle the player is because when you cross path in the road with someone, both must battle each other, and "those are the rules".
  • All of the Wandering Travellers and the Liquid Samurai were designed by Directors for a Day. This is likely why the four and Liquid Samurai are seen facing off in the credits.
  • All four of them use Fighting with All of Our Might as their battle theme which is fitting as it was a song not originally created for Shovel Knight whilst Reize and The Baz were not created for Shovel Knight either.
  • Shovel Knight himself also appears in the same section of ending cutscene in Plague of Shadows. It seems that he also counts, at least from Plague Knight's perspective, as one of the travellers.
    • Said Shovel Knight defeats all Liquid Samurais and collects their loot in this version of the cutscene.

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