Clutch this skull to regain Will.
Upgrade: Yields even more Will.

Upgraded Will Skull.

The Will Skull is a Curio that Specter Knight can purchase from Red for 3 Red Skulls after completing the Plains of Passage.

When activated, Specter Knight will produce a flaming skull. After a short delay, Specter Knight will absorb the fire into his helmet and recover 2 orbs of Will. If Specter Knight is damaged before the animation ends, he drops the skull and does not gain its benefit, wasting the Darkness spent on it.

When upgraded the Will Skull recovers 3 orbs of Will instead of 2.

During a New Game Plus, the Will Skull is disabled as Specter Knight's Will and Darkness meters are combined.

Trivia Edit

  • The stage of obtaining this Curio is the only one where Specter Knight takes damage by making a worst landing.
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