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Wisps are spirits found in Specter of Torment and can increase either Specter Knight's Darkness or Will depending on their types.

Wisps are found in Wisp Chests, with one located in each recruit stage for the Order of No Quarter, including Plains. If a chest was missed in a completed stage, Missy will sell it at the Tower of Fate for 4000 gold, with the exception of the Plains wisp priced at 1000. She will additionally tell in which stages are wisps by types.

Darkness Wisps are in Clockwork Tower, Explodatorium, or the Lich Yard. Any other new stage you'll find a Willfull Wisp.

Type Stage Cost
Plains Willfull 1000
Pridemoor Keep Willfull 4000
Flying Machine Willfull 4000
Lost City Willfull 4000
Iron Whale Willfull 4000
Stranded Ship Willfull 4000
The Lich Yard Darkness 4000
Explodatorium Darkness 4000
Clockwork Tower Darkness 4000


  • Collecting all wisps in all stages without buying them from Missy unlocks the Feat Wisp Whisperer.
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